Catch The Flame~Spread The Fire

Thy Kingdom Come

August 2015

Behaving Wisely

Behaving wisely is a fundamental key to success. It could mean the difference from seeing dreams come t0 pass or not. Yet, did you know it also strikes fear in the heart of the enemy.

Add To your Faith Love

In this final message in the series, Louis speaks on Brotherly Kindness and Love.

Add To Your Fatih Self Control

This is part three of a series called "Add To your Faith." in this series, Louis speaks on Self Control, Perseverance and Godliness

Add To your Faith Virtue and Knowledge

In this week message, Louis continues speaking on 2 Peter 1. We are to add to our faith virtue and knowledge. Listen to this powerful message and enjoy.

How to Have an Abundant Entrance Supplied

This morning Louis started an exciting new series on the "Abundant Entrance." This is part one and is an overview of where Louis will be taking us on this journey.