February 2014

Chaste Virgins

Paul desire was not just to win people to Christ, but to prepare those same people for a wedding. In this week’s message Louis speaks about the important of this truth.

Power and Character

Many have said that character is more important then power.  Other would say that without the power then there is nothing.  I would say, that without both of them, you are in contrast to Christ Jesus our Lord.  For He was both Holy as God, walking in perfect character and love.  He was also powerful, casting down the enemy at every turn.  One is not to override the other.  Both are of the same Spirit.  When we lift up one over the other we create a conflict that is not seen in the life of Jesus.  He never once sacrificed power for character.  Nor did He use power as the excuse for bad behavior.  Both character and power are true reflections of the Christian life.  For those who believe, this sign will follow them.  They will be transformed into the very image of God.  If one is missing then acquire it without sacrificing the other. 

Storm Eraser

Are you a storm chaser or a storm eraser? Jesus erased every storm that He came across, because He was carrying the peace of the Kingdom. You are as well, but you might not know it.