Catch The Flame~Spread The Fire

Thy Kingdom Come

July 2016

Pursuing the Anointing-Now Go

The Lord sent out His followers, and he now sends you out there as well.

Pursuing the Anointing-The Chase is On

Chasing the anointing is up to ever believer. It is the job of the believer to go after the things of God.

Pursuing the Anointing-Spirit of Holiness

In this third message of Pursuing the Anointing, Louis shares no the Power of Spirit of Holiness.

Pursuing the Anointing-Surrender

This is part two of series on Pursuing the Anointing. In this part, Louis speaks on the importance of surrendering to God.

Pursuing the Anointing-Go and Wait

In this message, Louis starts talking about our pursuit for the anointing. In this part one, it is about Jesus’ command to go and wait.