Catch The Flame~Spread The Fire

Thy Kingdom Come

June 2015

House Without Walls

Louis starts a series on "The House That God Built." This is the first of the series entitled "House Without Walls."

Family-The Model Of The kingdom

In this message, Louis deals with the fact that men need to learn how to men, from Godly men. Everyone needs to be celebrated and honor for who they are.


If you cannot clean the toilets,...

This week concludes Louis' teaching on Capturing Your Vision. This final message deals with King David's pursuit through doing whatever was in front of him faithfully.

Maintaining your Peace On The Rollwer Coaster Ride

In this message, Louis continuing teaching on "Capturing Your Vision." This installment teaches about maintaining your peace in the process. Sometimes that is easier said then done, but you will be tested so you must be prepared.