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Let favor be given to us for
new economic wells in
Jacksonville to be created.
Favor for our city with CEO’s,
Government leaders and Kings.
Manufacturing firms that produce
goods for the nations and provide
new jobs for our people.
Technology to establish new markets,
energy sources,
and efficient solutions
to grow as a population.
Laws and Courts that
measure with the justice and the
freedom of our land’s
Civil servants that encourage
Media known for wisdom
and truth. Natural resources
released, harvested, sold and
Education, books, and
Universities that develop mind
molders who influence the influential.
Capital to build small businesses
that provide services, arts and
culture attracting both young and old.
Medical community known for
integrity and excellence.
Repentance from poverty,
small thinking, and envy.
Courage to recognize opportunities
and make wealth.
Abundance to bless the world
and the Prudence to save and invest.
Revelation to pass on wealth to our
Children’s children..
So we declare that when
the righteous prosper,
the city rejoices!
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